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ucndaq.uwinnipeg.ca graphs (23) last hour sorted by name Columns   Size  
cpu_aidle - CPU aidle

ucndaq.uwinnipeg.ca cpu_aidle
cpu_idle - CPU Idle

ucndaq.uwinnipeg.ca cpu_idle
cpu_nice - CPU Nice

ucndaq.uwinnipeg.ca cpu_nice
cpu_system - CPU System

ucndaq.uwinnipeg.ca cpu_system
cpu_user - CPU User

ucndaq.uwinnipeg.ca cpu_user
cpu_wio - CPU wio

ucndaq.uwinnipeg.ca cpu_wio
disk_free - Disk Space Available

ucndaq.uwinnipeg.ca disk_free
disk_total - Total Disk Space

ucndaq.uwinnipeg.ca disk_total
part_max_used - Maximum Disk Space Used

ucndaq.uwinnipeg.ca part_max_used
load_fifteen - Fifteen Minute Load Average

ucndaq.uwinnipeg.ca load_fifteen
load_five - Five Minute Load Average

ucndaq.uwinnipeg.ca load_five
load_one - One Minute Load Average

ucndaq.uwinnipeg.ca load_one
mem_buffers - Memory Buffers

ucndaq.uwinnipeg.ca mem_buffers
mem_cached - Cached Memory

ucndaq.uwinnipeg.ca mem_cached
mem_free - Free Memory

ucndaq.uwinnipeg.ca mem_free
mem_shared - Shared Memory

ucndaq.uwinnipeg.ca mem_shared
swap_free - Free Swap Space

ucndaq.uwinnipeg.ca swap_free
bytes_in - Bytes Received

ucndaq.uwinnipeg.ca bytes_in
bytes_out - Bytes Sent

ucndaq.uwinnipeg.ca bytes_out
pkts_in - Packets Received

ucndaq.uwinnipeg.ca pkts_in
pkts_out - Packets Sent

ucndaq.uwinnipeg.ca pkts_out
proc_run - Total Running Processes

ucndaq.uwinnipeg.ca proc_run
proc_total - Total Processes

ucndaq.uwinnipeg.ca proc_total
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